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Swiss-Micron has the metrology capability within a controlled environment to be considered a world-class supplier in the high precision component industry. Our strong technical base, which includes qualified engineers, programmers and machinists, allows us to participate in mutual engineering and technological challenges with our customers. The results for our customers range from continuous process improvements and cost reductions throughout a product's lifecycle to being proactive in solving packaging and shipping issues. Our SPC and TQC techniques are actively used in process improvements and process controls. All of our quality data is shipped with each order. We strive to provide products and services that are environmentally sound throughout the life cycles of the parts, while conducting business operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

Swiss-Micron has integrated all phases of manufacturing into our networked computer system to give accurate and timely information on each order. Office staff provides an immediate answer on the status of any given order as well as long-term capacity plans. Daily meetings keep the management and shop employees aware of the status of each order due in the upcoming month. This allows us to hold a 99.4% on-time delivery record. Emphasizing a great level of responsiveness, supplier flexibility, and proactive communication regarding problem identification and resolution, allows us to demonstrate our professionalism and product knowledge. Realizing the different potentials of each company, we strive to find customers who desire to have our quality and service.