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Since the beginning, Swiss-Micron has attributed all of its success to our number one priority - Quality. We have taken the initiative to provide leading-edge technology so that the technical, high quality and low-cost demands of our customers can be met in a timely fashion. We have set a quality goal of zero defects so our customers' objective of eliminating inspection at their facility may be achieved. Our state of the art inspection instrumentation frequently surpasses that of our customers' requirements, thereby giving them the tranquility that our parts are made precisely to the specifications on the print without any compromises. We are able to produce burr-free components due to our sophisticated machine methods that have been achieved with experience. Our micro-deburr department will assure our customers a burr-free component.

Swiss-Micron specializes in a wide range of fiberoptic components where tolerances within +/-.0001" are required. We produce high precision components which contain a range of precise operations including high-accuracy drilled holes in which the diameters and concentricities are kept to +/-.0001" and precision miniature threads. These features are accentuated in fiberoptic and microwave conductors. Swiss-Micron also manufactures precision miniature threads to .5 UNM, maintaining a parallel of a few microns from the beginning to the end of the thread.

As an incentive to improve quality, a bonus program was initiated to make quality the responsibility of the operator and inspector. By rewarding excellence, we convey that quality, not quantity, has always been emphasized at Swiss-Micron. Internal quality programs, including a monthly meeting with each operator and inspector, have played an integral part in our ongoing process for improvement and perfection.