Founded in 1981, Swiss-Micron occupies a 16,000 square foot building in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The basic goals, which govern the company, have not changed since the beginning - 100% quality - 100% on-time shipments - at a competitive price. All employees at Swiss-Micron work with these goals in mind. They strive to increase their output while continuously adding technology and skill, which enhances capabilities. The multi-skilled management allows the company to be strong while not dependent upon one person. The main philosophy is still maintained - to prevent the customer from having any worries about the products which were ordered at Swiss-Micron. All of the employees understand a satisfied customer is the key to our success.

We believe that "people" are the most important asset to our company. Because of this dedication to our employees, the company has very little turnover and many "key" long-term employees. By promoting within, our employees have worked in different positions, enabling them to comprehend each step of the manufacturing process. The comradeship is then developed, making our company one strong team. Our Employee Stock Option Program has allowed each and every person to be an owner in the company. This motivates each person to strive for quality and allows them to realize the importance of teamwork. They are aware that the success of Swiss-Micron will signify their individual success as well.